AS PROTEUS Ltd. is established in 1993 in Tallinn Technical University by engineers from Power Supply Automation Laboratory.
   From 1998 our company  is known under the name PROTEUS OY.

   Our history:
Since 1998 

we prepare electric cables, cable ties, RF-cables
and assemble electric and pneumatic boxes for the drives.

Since 2000 
we have a design department in two branches:
design electric circuit diagrams and design mechanical details.
Since 2003 
we assemble the finemechanic apparatus.
Since 2004 
we process mechanical details on  a CNC-machine.
Since 2006 

we process wires and cables by assemblies of wire processing machines.

   We have about 500 designations of our products.  All  produce of  PROTEUS OY is exported  in composition  of  final product by many companies.