About us

Proteus Ltd. was established in 1993 in association with TalTech Power Supply Automation Laboratory. Due to changes in legislation the company was reorganized to Proteus LLC in 1998.

In the mid 90’s the Nokia Corporation experienced a rapid expansion of production. That lead Proteus LLC to establish a manufacturing facility in Viljandi, Estonia in order to start manufacturing different precision mechanic details and electrical assemblies for the Nokia Corporation as an outsourcee.

  • We have more than 25 years of experience in this field
  • Proteus LLC manufacturing facility is located in Viljandi, Estonia
  • We offer outsourcing services to our clients in the field of manufacturing electrical and cable assemblies
  • The products are manufactured according to drawings provided by the client using our materials. It is possible to use materials provided by the client as an exception
  • 99% of our produce is exported through the end product
  • Our client base is diverse, consisting mostly of manufacturing and technology companies